What lengths are your cornice / coving supplied in?

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Most cornice / coving is supplied in 3m lengths. There are some exceptions to this, but this is indicated with the cornice on the website or in the brochure.

How do I decide which cornice / coving to pick?

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Whilst this is a personal design choice, there are some factors to be considered when looking at cornices/coving.

This is the height of your ceiling, and the size of your room. Also important to consider is if there is any impediment, like high door or window frames, bulkheads or vents/alarms etc., as this may dictate the depth of the cornice down along the wall.

How do you measure your cornice / cornice?

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All our cornices/covings are measured in terms of their projection along the ceiling and depth down along the wall. All measurements are in millimetres.

We do not measure cornice / coving in terms of it’s actual width as that does not tell our clients how it will fit.

Some cornices that are the same width have very different projection and depth measurements, and this can have important bearing on the final design.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us on 012812161 or send a message / WhatsApp to 0876535265 or send an email to info@oldmould.com and we will assist you in your decision process of what cornice works best for your project.

Can you fit cornice to a finished room?

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es. However there are certain considerations, such as wall and floor finishes, and the placement of fitted furniture/units. 

For the best advice, we suggest calling us directly to discuss your specific circumstances on on 012812161 or send a message / WhatsApp to 0876535265 or send an email to info@oldmould.com 

I am carrying out restoration work. Can you match the existing cornice for my project?

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The process is simple to start. Simply call us directly on 012812161 and we can arrange for a site visit, which is free of charge (depending on location) where we can discuss with you exactly what your requirements are, and assess the cornice / decorative plasterwork that needs to be matched.

We then put together a quotation for your consideration, based on the site visit, so that the price quoted is specific to your requirements.

Alternatively, you can email info@oldmould.com  or send pictures via messaging or WhatsApp to 0876535265 of the cornice / decorative plasterwork that you need to match and we can give some guideline costings based on that. 

Do you provide a fitting service?

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Yes. We offer both a Supply Only and a Supply & Fit service.

We provide both prices in our quotations.

We also offer a consultancy service for those clients or projects that require expertise and input at the planning and design stage.

Can we visit your workshop?

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Yes. We are happy to have people visit our workshop.

It can help to see cornices and centrepieces up on the wall and ceiling rather than on a page or a screen, as they are three dimensional.

Please call 012812161 / 0876535265 or email info@oldmould.com to make an appointment.

Do you do exterior mouldings?

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Yes. We are expert in making exterior decorative mouldings, and specialise in restoration and match existing exterior decorative moulding, such as Parapets, Window Surrounds, Window Heads, Door Surrounds, String Course etc.

Most of our internal products can be made in Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) which makes them suitable for external use.

We also have a stock range of Parapets, Window Surrounds, Corbels, Columns, Urns and Fireplaces.

Please call 012812161 / 0876535265 or email info@oldmould.com for further information. 

Delivery Timeline

How long does it take to order / what is your lead time?

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On average most orders take between 2-3 weeks from date of order, although this is dependent on what is ordered and how much.

Please allow time for calling out to measure up and for a quotation to be prepared.

We also carry a stock of our most popular products so it may be that we have what you are looking for in stock, which would make it available immediately.

Please call 012812161 / 0876535265 or email info@oldmould.com 


Do you deliver?

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Yes, we offer a delivery service. Delivery charges are dependent on the order and distance, but we only look to cover the cost of the delivery.

We do not recommend using a courier due to incorrect handling. All products can also be collected from our workshop in Kilcoole.

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